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Somali Women Solidarity Organization Somali Women Solidarity Organization (SWSO) is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) and non-profit making organization formed in 2006 and registered under the Ministry of interior ,federal and reconciliation federal government of Somalia and Ministry of Planning and International relations Jubbaland state of  Somalia as a local non- governmental organization standing for Women, youth, an advocacy, education, protection/human rights/rule of law under Article 22  Right of Political Participation, Article 10 human Dignity, Article 11 equality and Article 30 education of Somali federal constitution 2012.

SWSO contribute to the creation of a safe and sustainable situation by supporting women to overcome marginalization, violence and poverty in their communities. It operates as a non-profit making organization that has the right to network with a variety of organizations that share similar values and vision. In Somalia women face a range of complex challenges that require multiple solutions. We work in the belief that women through their own efforts and in collaboration with local, national and international allies are central to transforming their own lives and the lives of their communities and population of which they are part. SWSO is women-led and women-centered organization, so its programs reflect the needs of those it serves that have well-functioning management, finance and programmatic structures and systems

SWSO aims to support the improvement of the livelihoods of the local communities in the greater regions of South Central Somalia since it operates in areas inhabited by the pastoral communities who are highly dependent on livestock for their social and economic well being and are under civil strife following the collapse of the Somali government of Siyad Bare in the early 1991.

SWSO hopes to achieve this through trainings, monitoring, and development of physical facilities, awareness creation and strengthening community structures. As an institution, SWSO has clear strategies and operational policies on how it conducts its affairs and interventions covering staff and personnel welfare, conduct and safety especially in emergencies considering the fragile environment in which the organization operates.

The organization works at grassroots level to enhance the capacity of communities it works with to respond to their basic needs and advocates for their plights to elicit actions on their needs and interests in both the national and international arena. It is for this reason that SWSO has put together a number of intellectuals who have the skills and professions to consolidate its institutional capability in working with the Jubaland state government, Federal Government of Somalia and international agencies operating in the region in delivering effective services to the poor communities and collaborating as an implementing agency and information-sharing partner.

The organization designs and implements its projects through participatory development model in order to empower local communities in addition to meeting their needs.

Since its inception SWSO has built its reputation at grassroots level by providing amicable working environment through participatory approach to involve community in its project.

Core areas of concern and interventions revolve around-:

  • Promotion of peacebuilding and conflict transformation and increasing women’s participation in society’s decision making sectors
  • Women empowerment and enterpreneurship skills development
  • Literacy skills development for women and other marginalized groups including girl child Education and minority groups in the community
  • Training participants on trauma healing, mediation and negotiation skills for stabilization of Somalia
  • Livelihood through cash for work.
  • Youth emperworment though training on peace and engaging them in sports to promote social integration by utilizing their talents in sports.
  • Promote role of women in political participation and decision making sectors
  • Capacity building among community institutions that are important for public administration and service delivery
  • Protection-FGM, Child protection, and advocate for human right and justice and provide referrals to victims of FGM and GBV
  • Improve and protect the environment
  • Wash and Sanitation sector.
  • Micro finance for women in order to develop their small scale business by providing grants and improve their saving skills.
  • Promote women’s entrepreneurship skills through business training

A peaceful and stable Somalia with good governance in which empowered women and marginalized populations participate in leadership, decision making and development of our nation.

SWSO will be the organization of choice!



To inculcate community empowerment where injustices are alleviated and people live with dignity and freedom. Women will have access to equal opportunity and participation in political, leadership and decision making.

We will achieve this guided by our core values; (PRAC) Professionalism, Respect, Accountability and Commitment and through our 7 pillars guided by our core values.


  1. Professionalism
  2. Respect
  3. Accountability and transparency
  4. Commitment and cooperation
         Core values

SWSO is guided in delivering its services by the following core values

  • Sincerity and honesty
  • Equity and fairness
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Commitment and cooperation
  • Professionalism and voluntary service
  • Conservation of the environment
  • Upholding the sanctity of human life
  • Gender sensitivity



SWSO has set out to facilitate lasting impressions through a set of 7 pillars  to achieve its mission:

  • Peacebuilding
  • Economic empowerment- through skills development and IGAs
  • Advocacy – Political, leadership and decision making positions
  • Education
  • Reproductive health
  • Protection-GBV, human rights