Welcome to SWSO ORG

We welcome you to make a cooperation with us to further empower our association.

Somali Women Solidarity Organization is a nongovernmental organization which was formed in (2006)and subsequently registered with the Somali Federal Government as well as the Department of Administration and Social Services of Jubbaland State. The organization was formed through joint indigenous intellectual efforts with the help of the local appealing force on the ground. The organization is a non-profit making organization that supplements the Somali Federal Government and Jubbaland  State  humanitarian efforts in development.

Our vision

A peaceful and stable Somalia with good governance where empowered women and marginalized populations participate in leadership, decision making and development of our nation.

SWSO will be the organization of choice

Our mission

To inculcate community empowerment where injustices are alleviated and people live with dignity and freedom. Women will have access to equal opportunity and participation in political, leadership and decision making.

We will achieve this guided by our core values (PRAC) Professionalism, Respect, Accountability and Commitment and through our 7 pillars guided by our core values


  1. Professionalism
  2. Respect
  3. Accountability and transparency
  4. Commitment and cooperation

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SWSO has set out to facilitate lasting impressions through a set of 7 pillars  to achieve its mission:

  •   Peacebuilding
  • Economic empowerment- through skills development and IGAs
  • Advocacy – Political, leadership and decision making positions
  • Education
  • Reproductive health
  • Protection-GBV, human rights
  • WASH

Print our Calender from here

For more information please contact us: swso.org(at)gmail.com


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